Parents and Families

University Health Service (UHS) is available to provide health care to meet your students’ needs. That includes:
COVID-19 testing
COVID-19 testing is available through UHS for your student. UHS is currently testing individuals with one or more of COVID symptoms, such as (but not limited to) fever, chills, shaking, cough, shortness of breath, and body aches and pains. Your student can start the process with an online assessment. For symptoms that may be urgent, please have your student call UHS at 734-764-8320, day or night, and discuss their symptoms with a nurse directly.
Your student must schedule an appointment to be tested. Please visit UHS online for complete details at COVID-19 testing.
Dashboard Tracking Tool available
To keep you updated on COVID-19, the University of Michigan has implemented a dashboard that tracks testing and results on campus.  Data is refreshed daily as it becomes available and is for the Ann Arbor campus. You can check the Dashboard Tracking Tool to stay up-to-date.
Sampling program launched
Your student would also be able to ‘opt-in’ for the Sampling and Testing Program launched this week as part of a free, opt-in, voluntary surveillance testing program on the Ann Arbor campus.

Registration for the U-M COVID-19 Community Sampling and Tracking program is open to students living on and off campus (as well as faculty and staff, including Michigan Medicine, who work in-person on the Ann Arbor campus.)

Student volunteers, particularly those living in residence halls, are needed. Please encourage your student to participate in this program to stop the spread and help us find COVID-19 in the community.

Flu vaccinations
A flu shot will help your student stay healthy and protect those around them from influenza. And because influenza and COVID-19 have similar symptoms, UHS highly recommends the flu vaccine to prevent respiratory illness on campus. 

For U-M students, there is no out-of-pocket expense this year. Students’ health insurance will be billed and any cost not covered by insurance will be covered by the university.

Appointments are required, for everyone’s safety. . 

Locations for flu vaccinations include: