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With the Michigan Union closed for renovations this year, students have a great opportunity to explore other dining options. Convenient alternatives on central campus include:

  • South Quad Dining -- Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Students can use Blue Bucks, Dining Dollars or credit cards for the 10 mini-restaurants that serve everything from sushi to barbecue, plus Latin and Mediterranean favorites, plus a new Kosher station and a new deli location.
  • The Student Activities Building has a small JavaBlu located in the east lobby near the Maynard Street entrance. The kiosk is open for morning and afternoon service. Drip coffee, sandwiches, salads and bottled/packaged items are available as to-go options.
  • Bert’s Cafe in the Shapiro Library will reopen in fall 2018 with a refreshed concept: The menu includes specialty coffees, sandwiches, salads and packaged items.
  • Maizie’s Kitchen and Market will open in the Michigan League for fall 2018 with an entirely new market cafe concept. Students can choose from specialty made-to-order and grab-and-go entrees, soups, sandwiches, salads and convenience items. The new restaurant also will offer a daily rotation of visiting local vendors and specialty brand coffees.
  • Darwin's is a new cafe that will open in the new Biological Sciences building. The cafe features coffee creations, fresh baked goods, smoothies, bottled beverages, soup of the day, and a big assortment of Blue To Go foods.

Both Bert’s Cafe and will be open from early morning to evening.

Blue Bucks and credit cards are accepted at all locations.

Other options include:

  • U-M’s Cafe 32 in the Dental School
  • Blue Cafes in East, South and North Quads, proudly serving Starbucks’ coffee
  • The School of Public Health
  • Taubman Health Sciences Library
  • Field’s Cafe in Palmer Commons


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