Parents and Families


In light of the recent announcement and change in expectations for undergraduate residents via the Washtenaw County Stay In Place Order, if your student wishes to return to their permanent residence for the remainder of Fall Term, they will be eligible for a partial refund/credit of room and board for a portion of this term.

As a reminder, there is no public health requirement or University policy requiring your student to leave. Michigan Housing is open and your student is welcome to stay. As you consider your options, here are some details to help you and your student plan.

The amount of refund/credit will be based on the number of days remaining in the term after your student departs (graduate students can contact Housing for their specific rate as they are billed monthly). For example, if your student has a standard double room, they can expect an estimated refund/credit of $35 per day for room and board. This partial refund/credit is applicable when requested after October 20, 2020 and before November 3, 2020.

If your student decides to leave for your permanent address after November 3rd (the day the Stay in Place Order is scheduled to end) they will not be eligible for this partial refund/credit. Please note that in extenuating circumstances, we understand your student may not be able to leave campus safely prior to November 3. 

Next steps
The first step is for your student to complete a survey from University Health Services, where they will indicate if they have participated in pre-departure testing and submit test results.  Then, so that we can begin processing your student’s refund, they will be asked to please complete a form where they can preview an estimate of the refund/credit to their account.

For safety reasons, once your student returns to your permanent address, they will need to remain there for the remainder of Fall Term.

As the president noted, final plans for the Winter Term will be announced in early November. We will provide Housing and Dining updates to you when those decisions are made.