Exploring the World: Travel Abroad Tip

Students who work, study or volunteer abroad can gain valuable life and cultural experiences while exploring new parts of the world. And travel is increasingly accessible to all students. 

For a successful and safe trip, you can encourage your student to follow these suggestions.

Depending on their itineraries, students may need to take steps to protect their health as they prepare for their journey. For example, students visiting countries with reported health risks such as yellow fever and malaria may require vaccinations and medications prior to their trips. University Health Service (UHS) offers the following resources:

  • To get organized, the Travel Health Checklist can be a helpful tool.
  • Travel Health Services offers immunizations, prescriptions and advice that are tailored to your student’s destination. Timing is important, so students should prepare early for their trip. For example, students should schedule an appointment at UHS at least 6-8 weeks before departure because appointments fill up quickly and it takes time for vaccinations to take effect.
  • Students can also see the online Travel Health Education Program to learn about any major health risks and informed decisions before, during and after their trip.

If your student is traveling as part of a U-M program, they will be required to purchase Travel Abroad Health Insurance. For other students, this insurance is highly recommended because of its many benefits and low cost.

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