Fraternity and Sorority Life Opportunities

For over 175 years, fraternities and sororities at U-M have been developing leaders, contributing to the community through service and philanthropic opportunities, building lifelong relationships, and engaging students in educational and leadership programming outside the classroom.

More than 6,000 students participate as members of over 60 organizations (also called chapters), and each organization participates in one of four councils:

The Fraternity and Sorority community shares many values, including unity, academic success, human dignity, respect for all, responsible behavior, service, philanthropy, accountability, integrity, lifelong commitment, and alignment with the mission of the university. In addition, the unique qualities and differences between the councils and organizations are celebrated.

Fraternity and Sorority Life at U-M is governed by multiple regulations, including:

  • University policies
  • Organization bylaws and policies

In addition, the Achievement Expectations Program holds organizations accountable to community-wide standards, ensures that organizations are living their values, and highlights organizations' good work.

The process of joining a fraternity or sorority varies. Processes may be formal or informal and may be specific to an organization.  Additionally, the timing of recruitment or intake varies. See How to Join for details.

If your student is interested in learning more about the fraternities and sororities at U-M, you may want to discuss with them the importance of:

  • Personal values and how to know whether an organization aligns with their values
  • Academic obligations relative to organizational obligations
  • The importance of easily available information about chapter activities, finances, housing obligations and time commitments

You or your student may direct questions about Fraternity and Sorority Life to:


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