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College students typically make most of their health-related decisions on their own. As a parent, the following information may be of use to you as you offer practical support and helpful suggestions for their choices regarding health insurance and immunizations. 

Does your student need health insurance? If so, consider the U-M Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan through Blue Care Network. It is a low-priced, voluntary health insurance plan available to all U-M students. (Please note that some international students have a mandatory insurance requirement). 

The annual purchase price is $1709, with an annual deductible of $100 deductible for in-network care, and $100 or out-of-network care. 

Benefits include prescription drug coverage, clinic visits, mental health, annual vision exam, hospitalization, emergency room visits, ambulance service, dental coverage, and more. 

Please note coverage periods and upcoming purchase deadlines: 

Annual: 8/24/19-8/23/20, deadline 9/30/19

Winter: 1/1/20-8/23/20, deadline 1/30/20

Spring/Summer: 5/1/20-8/23/20, deadline 5/30/20

Immunizations are one of the most effective measures to reduce illness. U-M recommends that your student come to college fully immunized, and they may have already received most recommended immunizations in childhood. 

In college, five immunizations are especially worth reconsidering now.

  • Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR):  The university has experienced recent cases of mumps and measles. Two doses of this combined vaccine provide protection. For details see MMR.

  • Meningitis vaccine can help prevent this serious and potentially fatal illness. Two different types of vaccine provide protection against different strains of meningitis. The standard meningitis vaccine does not protect against meningitis B, which causes about one-third of meningitis cases. Many incoming students have not received the meningitis B vaccination. For details see Meningitis.

  • Hepatitis A vaccine is strongly recommended for U-M students because of outbreaks both in southeast Michigan and nationally. In the US, hepatitis A became a routine childhood immunization in 2006, so your student may have already received it. For details see Hepatitis.

  • Flu shots can reduce the risk of flu and severity of symptoms. Flu shots will be available on campus in the fall. Students should receive this vaccination annually. For details see Flu and Vaccination.

  • Tdap vaccine protects against both tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough). The university has experienced recent cases of pertussis. This vaccine lasts for 10 years, and students often need to receive another dose during their college years. For details see Pertussis.

Unsure whether your student has received these vaccines? Please check their immunization record, or they can ask their healthcare provider. 

How to get immunized on campus: On campus, students can get immunizations at University Health Service for a fee. They can start or complete a vaccine series. They can also get immunizations for travel abroad. Some vaccines are relatively expensive, so do check whether/how a vaccine is covered by your health insurance. To schedule an appointment, students should call 734-764-8320.

Has your new student submitted their immunization records yet? New students are asked to submit their immunization records, which is easily done online. For convenience, you may also submit immunization records on behalf of your student. (Note that students who received all their immunizations in the state of Michigan do NOT need to submit their records.) See Immunization Records for instructions.

Is your new student a minor (under age 18)? If so, please complete and submit the Consent to Treatment of a Minor form for your student. This simple step can help in case your students need medical care on campus before they turn 18.


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