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University of Michigan Housing leadership is pleased to confirm that residence hall student staff have returned to work.

Michigan Housing has both professional staff in the residence halls and student staff, many of whom are Resident Advisors (RAs). The RAs play a significant role in building community on the floor, providing connections and looking out for the wellness and safety of your student. In early September, some student staff opted to stop work, sharing a number of concerns. Other resident advisors continued their duties. 

Housing has a deep appreciation of how important it is to respond to staff concerns in the moment, and is committed to avenues of communication with our staff. Residence hall student staff are on the frontlines, and the community can only be successful when they have information, and support, they need.

As part of the discussions, Housing made a number of commitments, including priority testing for residence hall student staff through the university’s surveillance testing program, additional PPE, and the creation of a Residential Experience Council of ResStaff, where concerns about situations or issues can be brought forward and addressed.

“We are grateful to all the resident hall student staff for their vital work. We are especially thankful for the time and commitment put in by student staff during our discussions. Their candor and clarity did much to bring us to an understanding of the issues,” said Rick Gibson, director of housing.

Now, as always, our staff, student and professional, are busy maintaining high standards of cleanliness, walking the floors nightly, and making sure mail and packages reach your student.