Parents and Families

By getting involved on campus, students can: 

  • Gain valuable skills
  • Broaden their network
  • Learn about themselves
  • Feel a greater sense of belonging
  • Make their mark outside of the classroom

U-M truly has something for everyone, but with 1,400+ student organizations and countless other opportunities, students can feel overwhelmed - where does one begin?

If your student is unsure where to start, you might suggest that they explore: 

  • What are my interests? 
  • What are my values? Based on those values, what do I need from involvement opportunities?
  • What are my goals and how would involvement help me achieve those goals?
  • What causes are important to me?
  • Given my course load, how much time do I have to commit to an involvement opportunity?

With their answers in mind, students may find it easier to explore the following types of involvement opportunities.

Join a student organization: Students visit Maize Pages, an online directory of recognized student organizations, to browse, search, explore, learn about meetings, join and connect with leadership. Students can also customize their profile in Maize Pages to receive recommendations of organizations that fit their interests.

For guidance on getting involved in a student organization, students can drop into the Center for Campus Involvement. Staff members help students clarify what types of organizations would align with their goals, including leadership experiences, events, and student organization fairs.

Work on campus: Having a job on campus can help students manage their time and is found to contribute to student success! Campus jobs are typically flexible and allow students to work between classes because student success is U-M's top priority. Students can browse jobs at the Student Employment or Student Life Jobs.

Engage in service: If your student is passionate about a cause or would like to serve their community, they can connect with the Edward Ginsberg Center. The Center offers many opportunities to serve, organize Alternative Breaks service trips, and provide support to students and student organizations wishing to engage in service.

Contribute to research: At U-M, students have the opportunity to be part of ground-breaking research that impacts our world. Engaging in research provides students with hands-on skills, helps them build relationships with faculty members and fellow classmates, and offers the opportunity to be part of major breakthroughs!

Rest assured that whatever your student wants to do, and however they want to get involved, they can find a way to do it at U-M.


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