Making the Most of Michigan!

Your Michigan student is starting a brand new chapter of their life, building on their values, interests and experiences. They’ll be navigating a different place and transitioning into college, and there are resources available to help!

With ALA 171: Making the Most of Michigan, your student will learn how to navigate all of the academic and professional resources the University of Michigan has to offer to help them be successful in all of their future endeavors. 

The course is taught in groups of 10-12 students and emphasizes connecting in-class and out-of-class experiences, identifying and setting short-term and long-term goals, professional development, and utilizing social and intellectual diversity to become intentional, self-directed learners and leaders. 

Registering is simple! Your student can ask about "ALA 171: Making the Most of Michigan" when they meet their academic advisors at orientation. With your student, take a look at the Course Guide for information on course times and locations.