Parents and Families

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If your student lives in University Housing, you can remind them of steps that need to be completed before they leave campus.

Residence halls officially close 11:00 a.m. on Friday, April 27, 2018. Students who want to extend their stay need to apply online (login required). Applications are due by noon on Monday, April 23.

A good rule is to leave the space the way it was upon move-in last August. All furniture that was in the space when your student arrived needs to be in the space before they depart. All personal items and trash should be removed. Bins will be available for your student to donate any unwanted items.

If your student wants to sell items, they can use the Safe Zone Exchange, where individuals can safely meet and complete transactions that were made online. The Zone is located near the U-M Police Department to ensure security.

Other helpful tips:

  • Check for mail and packages before departure
  • Update address on Wolverine Access so that mail delivery will continue
  • Submit a FixIt request for any damage in the space, to help avoid unnecessary charges 
  • Turn off the Microfridge, which will be picked up after the departure

After completing move-out, you and your student can rest easy and look forward to another year at the university!


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