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In Fall 2018 Student Life launched the M-Lead website, making leadership development opportunities easy to find and access for all students.

What is M-Lead?

M-Lead is Student Life’s leadership education approach; it is purposeful, collaborative, values-based and oriented toward making positive changes on and off campus. We believe that change occurs through the development of self, collaboration with others and commitment to citizenship.

Guided by three units within Student Life (Center for Campus Involvement, the Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning and Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs), M-Lead works to align existing and emerging leadership education efforts taking place across Student Life and the broader university.

How can my student find leadership development opportunities?

Your student can visit the MLead opportunities page where they are able to see a host of leadership opportunities ranging from courses (e.g. OrgLead), retreats (e.g. Spectrum Empowerment Leadership Retreat), internships (e.g. Adventure Leadership Internship) and more. This site also allows students to sort the opportunities by the time of year, commitment level and competencies they will work to develop during the opportunity.

Another way for students to learn about how to get involved is through our monthly M-Lead newsletter. Each month we send out an array of options for exploring leadership across campus and beyond. Students can sign up by visiting our website.

What will my student learn?

Each of the opportunities offered focuses on a specific set of competencies that help students develop knowledge, skills and or abilities in leadership. You can learn more about this by visiting MLead.

We know that effective leadership comes through experience and skill development. M-Lead is here to support your student in developing leadership skills that will serve them well into the future.


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