Parents and Families

For parents, "off to college" is often as exciting, anxious and hopeful as it is for your students. In many ways, this is the big moment you’ve been working toward for some eighteen years, and it’s natural to think of it as a significant change in your relationship with your student. But while first-year students will transition to greater independence, the truth is that they still need their families in ways big and small.

In Student Life, we have the privilege of getting to know each generation of new students, and from experience we know one of the best predictors of success in college is having the support of their team back home. The year ahead will be filled with big decisions, tough subjects, new experiences, and the twists and turns of adjusting to a totally new way of life.  Knowing that you are a text, call or Facetime away makes a tremendous difference for every student. It gives them confidence and courage, rounds the rough edges, and reminds them that they have a cheering section back home, rooting for them every step of the way!

Right here on campus, the programs and services of Student Life will also help your student realize their potential and connect them with resources, people, and organizations that provide context to their academic and social aspirations. To take risks and grow, your student needs a safety net, and a core part of Student Life’s mission is to be just that. In fact, from the second your student arrives, Student Life staff will be there, in the residence halls, the unions, the North Campus Diag and the lawn of Angell Hall. We will be ready with support, opportunities to get involved, and chances to make new friends.

So with open arms and passionate enthusiasm, we welcome your student and you to the University of Michigan. We are here for them. We're here for you, too.

Feel free to contact this office –, or (734) 764-5132 – or any Student Life staff whenever we can be of service to you.

We are excited to share this time with your student – and you!

Go Blue!


E. Royster Harper

Vice President for Student Life



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