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Royster Harper, VP for Student Life

For many parents, it must seem like move-in was just yesterday, and only a few hours ago you were standing in your student’s new room, passing on sage advice about laundry and promising them you would answer any call. And the truth is, it wasn’t that long ago: but once the school year ramps up at the University of Michigan, life moves fast for your student, with new changes every day.

While it is certainly exciting for them, for you it is natural to have questions: Who will be there when your student needs help? How will they find the support they need? Who can help them "connect the dots" in their experience? The answer: the offices of Student Life. Right alongside the outstanding academic engines of the university, Student Life is a closely connected group of units whose first mission is to be your student’s safety net. In cases of stress or crisis, we have staff on the spot to deliver support.

Student Life is also there to help your student thrive in their new everyday routines. The programs of Recreational Sports, for example, give students healthy ways to play, have fun, and reduce stress, with many options to fit the personal way your student likes get active. And of course so much about your student's wellness depends on their making healthy choices, and that’s something Student Life staff will be taking extra steps to underline with all students.

And before you know it, it will time to welcome you back for Parents Weekend, November 3-5, 2017. This is your time to see your student in their new space, ask all those million detailed questions you've been holding back, and get a reminder that the constant support you've been giving your student makes a difference. And we hope when you’re with us you'll take a little time to yourself to enjoy Ann Arbor and the incredible spirit of this campus. You deserve it.


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