Parents and Families

Martino Harmon

Dear Wolverine Families, 

In just a few short weeks, the whirlwind of fall semester will begin, and students will delve into a variety of enriching and formative opportunities—ones that are both academic and beyond the virtual and physical classroom. New friends will be made, new learning unlocked, and new steps taken into their bright and promising futures. 

Of course, all of these opportunities include a lot of planning and logistics, so this edition of Family Matters will share helpful information ranging from the details of a new EverFi course on public health-informed protocols for each student to follow, your student’s Safety Kit, services and facilities on campus, and so much more. We will also walk you through updates on Housing and Dining, as well as tell you about resources like the Maize & Blue Cupboard and the tuition insurance program. For parents and families of first year students, you may find the article on First Year Experience programs particularly useful, as it shares great ways to keep your student engaged and invigorated no matter where in the world they are. 

I know you want your student as prepared as possible for the upcoming semester, which is why I would like to ask you to sit down and have a conversation with them. This conversation with your student will enable you to discuss decisions that will help ensure their safety and a safe campus. We are relying on students making good decisions about how they interact with other students, and by reviewing the Pledge that is part of the Wolverine Culture of Care as a family, it will help keep campus safe and prevent the need to revert virtual instruction that will require sending students back home.

While this edition of Family Matters should help answer most questions that might be on your mind, the FAQ’s on the Blueprint website are an excellent resource for you and your student. You can also reach out to to be routed to the best office to help you. We look forward to helping you and your student have the best fall semester experience possible, while keeping them as safe as possible. 

Thank you, and Go Blue! 

Dr. Martino Harmon, Vice President, Student Life