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If your student rents and is thinking about subletting their place this summer, you may want to suggest that they learn about their rights and responsibilities, so they don't run into issues at the end of the summer.  

First, your student should review their lease and confirm with their landlord that they are able to sublet their space. Many landlords require subtenants to undergo the same approval process as regular tenants. 

To find a subtenant:
Some landlords will help with re-assigning the lease, possibly for a fee.

Your student can ask the property manager if they have resources to assist with finding a subtenant. 
Students can post their sublet listing free of charge on the Off-Campus Housing website.

After a potential tenant is identified, your student should interview them and review the terms of the sublease agreement. Students can use the Off-Campus Housing website’s printable sublease agreement and an inventory checklist. This will ensure everything is in writing and will clarify when subtenants are living in the space, who is responsible for potential damages upon move-out, and more.

Is it a scam?
Students should beware of individuals sending an overpayment for deposit/rent, then asking for the overpayment to be sent back to them. This is a scam because their check to your student will not clear the bank.

Beware of subtenants asking to pay rent after they move in. This is a scam. Your student should always obtain payment before the subtenant moves in and your student should keep the security deposit in an escrow account. Students should be sure to use the sublet agreement, as previously mentioned.

See also Sublet Smart and Don't Get Scammed and The 5 Best Summer Sublet Tips on the Beyond the Diag Off-Campus Housing website.

For more information, see:

  • Student Legal Services’ "Before You Sublet" article includes tips and a fraud warning from the Ann Arbor Police Department.
  • Beyond the Diag will host an Off-Campus Housing Fair on February 12, 11 am- 2 pm in the Michigan League Ballroom. Resources and information related to summer housing will be available from campus departments and property managers.
  • The Dean of Students Office can assist with questions and provide support. 

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