Parents and Families

Dean of Students

When your student returns to campus in the Fall, the coronavirus pandemic will bring many additional questions to the normal Fall excitement, anxiety, and eagerness to navigate the many facets of the higher education experience.

Students living in the residence halls have a variety of staff living with them from RA’s to Diversity Peer Educators to Hall Directors.  Particularly for students living off campus, the Dean of Students Office (DOS) is available to help.

Throughout the pandemic, virtual programs and access helped the DOS continue its work helping students be successful and effectively address “anything that was interrupting their life. This work will continue as students return to campus and begin their academic and life experiences in this new normal,” said Sarah Daniels, Assistant Dean. 

DOS is a central place for students, parents, faculty, and staff to seek assistance in navigating the complex issues of campus life.  The DOS team will provide direct support to your student or student groups experiencing situations impacting their Michigan experience as well as identify available resources and coordinate the appropriate response in partnership with various other campus offices and services.  

With a goal to promote a safe, respectful, healthy, and inclusive campus community for all students at the University of Michigan, DOS addresses:

  • Crisis/Emergency Situations
  • Off-Campus Housing Concerns
  • Academic Difficulties
  • Financial Hardship
  • Concern for the Wellbeing of Others
  • Physical Illness/Injury
  • Food Insecurity & Basic Needs
  • Campus Climate Concerns

DOS staff will work with your student, faculty, staff, and parents/families to find the best resources and services to support individual student success and wellbeing.

To reach the DOS, your student can:

So remember, whatever your questions, the Dean of Students Office is a great place to start.