School Spirit, Michigan Style

Many students say that they chose to attend the University of Michigan in part because of the tremendous school spirit. But what is this school spirit? 

It’s the fact that students want to be here. They come to U-M and come back to campus with joy, as shown in this video.

That talented people from all over the world gather at this world-class institution to learn and grow together, from the break of dawn to bedtime, as in this video.

That students have tremendous opportunities, so close at hand, to work with faculty, other students, and the broader community, and to develop leadership and problem-solving skills in the process.

That they can meet people with whom they’ll become lifelong friends and colleagues, and together help change the world.

And yes, that the university’s athletic teams, marching and spirit bands, cheer team, and dance team know how to bring it. Catch some spirit by watching this video!

Fans will chant in unison, “It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine!” and they mean it, for all kinds of reasons. 

I’m super happy to be here and proud to be a Michigan Wolverine. No matter how hard the classes are, it’s still a really good school, and the opportunities are amazing here. It’s a great school, with everything under the sun to get involved in. It’s made me feel really good to be part of a school that’s so great. - Alexis Kittner, Junior, Sociology and Pre-Med

That’s school spirit, Michigan style.


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