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"I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list." – Susan Sontag

Your student may have already determined their ideal travel experience. Perhaps it includes historical significance, language immersion, famous sites, academic credit, or overall, a chance to see the world. The benefits of student travel are countless. The practical question is, how will your student fund their travels?

U-M is here to help! Numerous financial resources are available to support students for study abroad, or travel for research, language or personal growth. Here are practical steps you can take to help.

  1. Talk with your student about their travel interests and how they can prepare for both an exciting adventure as well as the expenses.
  2. Encourage your student to use the following on-campus and online resources to explore financial support for their trip.
  3. Recommend that your student get organized about when applications are due and start applying.

Global Michigan

Global Michigan is a great place to start! As a campus-wide resource for international engagement, this site includes education abroad opportunities and funding across university partners. Global Michigan also connects to Office of Financial Aid to see what assistance qualifies during international experiences. Undergraduate and graduate scholarship resources are also listed for easy access. You can also see what your student may be interested in applying for!

International Center

The International Center provides services for international students and scholars, as well as U-M domestic students seeking opportunities to study, work or travel abroad. A list of both internal and external funding presents opportunities to acquire money for student travel.

Center for Global and Intercultural Studies (CGIS) in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts (LSA)

Over $1.4 million in LSA scholarship funds are available annually for LSA students. The Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS) connects students to a wide variety of global engagement and learning opportunities around the world. CGIS offers programs that range from three weeks to year-long. It also supports students in financial planning for travel and connects students to available assistance.

The Bonderman Fellowship is unique. If your student had eight months and $20,000 to travel the world, develop entirely new perspectives, and change their life, where would they go? The Bonderman Fellowship offers this opportunity! If your student is a graduating senior in LSA, you can help them connect with CGIS to attend an information session and start their application. Applications are due January 30, 2017.

U-M Library

The U-M Library Research Guide searches and organizes internal U-M funding, external funding, and assistance for international students. The Research Guide connects to databases outside the university, offices across the university, and gives tips on getting organized with your funding search.

With all these resources it is no wonder U-M has the most students studying abroad among the Big Ten universities and is in the top three in the nation among higher education institutions.

This could be an ideal time to start encouraging your student to take advantage of all that U-M has to offer for study and travel abroad!


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