Parents and Families

With health insurance reform in the news, parents may wonder how to make sure that their students have access to quality health care and health insurance while at school. The University of Michigan offers basic health care at the University Health Service (UHS) and several insurance options to help students get the care they may need outside of UHS.

University Health Service: Students’ Campus Health Resource
Basic health care as well as some specialized services are available through UHS, which is conveniently located on the U-M central campus.

Clinic visits, most laboratory tests and radiology are covered by the health service fee, paid as part of student tuition. Certain items at UHS such as medications, allergy antigens, immunizations, routine eye exams, plus any costs outside UHS, are not covered. A complete list of what’s covered and what’s not is at Free or Fees for Students.

Health Insurance: Why and How
Students should have health insurance to help pay for costs that are not covered by the health service fee, so U-M offers insurance plans for the following needs

In case students are ill or injured: The health service fee does not cover costs such as hospitalization, ambulance service, medications, most specialty care, and tests like MRI and CT scans. If your student is not covered by your health insurance, or if your insurance does not cover in Ann Arbor, consider purchasing the Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan.

In case students experience a health problem while traveling: The University offers a plan that can reduce the impact of health problems on study, work, volunteer and travel abroad. For more information, see Travel Abroad Health Insurance.

The university is committed to offering all students access to affordable health insurance to protect against financial hardship that may result from medical expenses.

For further information, see the UHS website or call 734-764-8320.