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Na’kia Channey

Na’kia Channey is a student who is not slowing down. If anything, entering her second year on campus has only brought more opportunities for involvement. 

Na’kia is a student in the College of Literature, Science and Arts (LSA). She intends to double major in Psychology and Organizational Studies, with a minor in International Studies. She is also involved as a research assistant, a resident in the West Quad Michigan Community Scholars Program, a student employee in Housing, and a part of the world’s largest youth-led non-profit, AIESEC. 

When asked about her first year was on campus, Na’kia shared that “it was very positive, but at times challenging. Classes are difficult.”  Overall she has had rewarding experiences with faculty, staff and her friend groups on campus noting “they have all helped build my character.”

As a self-described go-getter, she shared that there are limitless possibilities and opportunities to pursue your passion and find out about oneself on campus. Na’kia takes advantage of all the resources at her disposal on campus. And she acknowledges that every student is different: "Students just need to find their thing."

The incidents of racial bias on campus have been challenging for Na’kia, but accessing support resources and her relationship with her parents have been keys to her success:

“Having transparency with my parents has allowed for us to have difficult conversations and has diminished my stress.  Their love has given me independence to create my own path.”

As a first-generation student, Na’kia notes that it can be hard to connect with other students or families who may know more about the college experience, but that there is always a resource she can turn to: The Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives has a Gateway Center for first-generation students to connect for support. When asked about what she would say to other first-generation students, Na’kia shared:

"You deserve to be here.  We are resilient and nothing will stop us.”


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