Parents and Families

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If your student is sick or injured, you may be the first to receive a call or text. Many students prefer to tap into parents’ wisdom and care right away. Parents are undergraduate students’ primary source of health information, according to a U-M survey.

You know your student, and you may be called upon to coach them through self-care strategies including the use of over-the-counter medications, plus you may be the first one who is called to help in decisions about seeking health care.

If your student needs health care, keep in mind that University Health Service (UHS) offers a wide array of services, all in one building on central campus. Most services, including clinic visits, are covered by the health service fee, which students pay as part of tuition.

Sometimes parents encourage their student to "Just go to the health center," but a better recommendation would be to "Call UHS." By calling, your student can get advice about visiting, as well as nurse advice by phone, day or night. Your student's time is precious, and calling can save them time and potential exposure to other illnesses in the waiting room. The phone number is 734-764-8320.

Hopefully, your student won't have a medical emergency, but if they do, Emergency/After Hours lists local hospital emergency departments and urgent care facilities. The closest hospital emergency departments are on the U-M medical campus: 

  • Students 21 or older would go to U-M Hospital Emergency Department at 1500 E. Medical Center Drive, Ann Arbor

  • Students under age 21 would go to Michigan Medicine Children’s Emergency Services at 1540 E. Hospital Drive, Ann Arbor

What if you or your student can't decide what to do? You can call UHS day or night, and a nurse can help you make that decision. 

Note that students are responsible for payment for any medical care received outside of UHS, including urgent care facilities, emergency departments, and ambulance services. These services are not covered by their health service fee. If your student does not have insurance, please consider purchasing the Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan.

As a parent, you can support your student’s health and well-being, and please keep in mind that UHS can help when needed.


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