Your student’s life Beyond the Diag

Is your student living in an off-campus apartment this year? If so, you might want to encourage them to look into renter’s insurance. According to Student Life’s Student Legal Services, renter’s insurance is a bargain, helping students in the event of an unexpected event in their apartment such as a fire or theft. 

Your student may not be aware that their landlord is not responsible for any loss unless it was caused by the landlord. Additionally, the University does not provide protection against lost, damaged or stolen personal property or for injury to anyone (tenant, guest or visitor) in off-campus housing as a result of their own actions or the actions of others. Fortunately, renter’s insurance can cover these needs, and your student can talk with a lawyer for free through Student Legal Services if they run into any snags along the way. 

Check with your insurance agent to find out the facts and cost involved; it may save your student from problems in the future. And if your student has other legal questions—whether about housing, criminal, family, consumer, or traffic law, they can schedule an appointment with Student Legal Services. These services are free to all currently enrolled students and can offer that invaluable peace of mind should something unexpected happen. 

As for help with the questions and responsibilities that can come with living in off-campus housing, the Beyond the Diag Program is here to help, offering resources like the Off-Campus Living Guide and other recommendations and support.