Your Student's First Year

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Welcome to Michigan. As your student joins their peers in the Class of 2020, you want them to get the best possible start to their first year. Will they fit in? Will they find a "home away from home"? How will they navigate the many "first time" experiences they’re about to have?

The First Year Experience at Michigan is a series of Student Life programs which are designed to help them chart their own unique course. Right away, we’ll help your student to see the many opportunities to get involved, understand their campus, and start making this Michigan experience truly their own.

Starting in Fall Term 2015, all first year students will participate in useful life skills workshops designed to be evidence-based, effective, and engaging. We cover the topics that can worry students, like campus safety, the U-M social scene, diversity and inclusion, and how to have healthy relationships. And continuing in Winter Term 2016, we’ll cover academic skills, leadership development, and preparing for careers (starting now!) And as a bonus, in both Fall and Winter semesters, University Course #UC170 - Making the Most of Michigan – provides course credit for those who’d like it for their participation.

Many Michigan grads report that what they learned outside the classroom was as valuable to them as what they learned in it. Student Life’s First Year Experience is your partner in that learning.

As President Mark Schlissel says in this Welcome to Michigan video,

...there's nothing quite like fall at the University of Michigan, as the campus comes back to life with fresh faces and renewed energy...

This fall, Student Life’s First Year Experience programs will be there for your students as they join in the U-M community, connect with new friends, and learn new skills.


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