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You’ve just sent your student off to college. You prepared and packed, asked lots of questions, made checklists, and planned for the moment. You've been there for their whole lives, for anything your student might need. Now that they are at college, where can they find support?

The good news is that your student will participate in the First Year Experience (FYE). You can think of it as a number of pathways, with staff assisting each step of the way. Through FYE, students can:

  • Journey toward their academic and personal goals
  • Discover ways they can unlock campus resources and opportunities
  • Connect with others and make new friends in their community
  • Thrive by finding ways to de-stress and promote their well-being

As part of FYE, first-year students will take two required workshops:

  • Relationship Remix workshops are taking place now through October and help students understand key components around consent, communication, decision making, and healthy relationships. Your student will reflect upon personal values, gain knowledge, and build skills that will help them navigate relationships here at the University of Michigan.
  • Change it Up! workshops start in mid-October and brings bystander intervention skills to first-year students for the purpose of building safe, inclusive, and respectful communities. 

Your student can stay up-to-date with FYE events through Happening@Michigan, available online as well as within the Michigan App. Emails go directly to your student prompting them to register for required programs, including online courses and in-person workshops within their residential communities. 

While there can never be a substitute for all the support you as a parent can provide, FYE is here to help bridge the gap between the many options and resources available for your student.


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