Student Life Response to Executive Orders

The University of Michigan welcomes and supports students without regard to their nationality or citizenship.


For generations, the University of Michigan has been known throughout the world as a leading international community of scholars. The university continues to maintain its commitment to diversity and inclusion, and will continue to welcome and support students of all identities and backgrounds, without regard to their nationality or citizenship.

The January 27th White House executive order impacted immigration and visa policies and practices that affect U-M students, particularly those on non-immigrant student visas. Campaigning during the presidential election suggested that there could be policy changes that affect undocumented students or students in DACA status. On this webpage, you will find access to accurate information about this and any future executive orders regarding immigration, and a reminder of where to find support on campus for international, domestic, refugee, DACA, and undocumented students.

For International Students

Any questions related to the new executive order should be directed to the International Center. The International Center provides immigration advising and information and is committed to ensuring the success of international students at U-M. The International Center will continue to advocate for immigration and visa policies that facilitate students’ academic pursuits in the United States. Additionally, the International Center will provide information and resources to prepare students for changes in the visa application process and other immigration policies and procedures, because of the executive order. 

For All Students

Students, including domestic students and those of marginalized identities, may feel disappointed by the implications of the executive order changes. Student Life offers multiple access points for addressing student concerns. Students may wish to explore the Student Life Homepage where direct links to units can direct students to relevant support services related to any specific concerns. Students may also wish to contact one of the following areas that can offer support and referral:

The Dean of Students Office supports students in navigating complex issues that may arise in their lives. The staff of the Dean of Students Office provides support to individual students or groups experiencing life situations impacting their Michigan experience and coordinates the appropriate individual or campus-wide response. Staff members work to promote a safe, respectful, healthy and inclusive campus community, coordinate specific programs and services, and monitor and respond to emerging situations that impact students.  

The Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (MESA) also supports all students during times of crisis and everyday life.

The Campus Climate Support Team is committed to providing support and a safe space for students that may have been harmed or negatively impacted. To report a campus climate concern, call 734-615-2427. Alternatively, utilize the online form to report a Campus Climate Concern. 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to providing multicultural and multidisciplinary expert therapeutic support. Clinical services include brief personal therapy for individuals and groups and crisis intervention.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Life (OVPSL) is an excellent referral source for students uncertain about where to turn for assistance. Students will encounter informed and caring staff able to facilitate appropriate referrals within and beyond Student Life.

Executive Order Information

The following statements and webpages provide the most updated and accurate information related to the potential changes in federal immigration policies and other important university statements.

Student Resources

International Student Support

International Center
Serves the international population, facilitates intercultural and international education, and fosters a global campus community at the University of Michigan and beyond.

Health & Wellness Support

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Fosters the psychological development and emotional well-being of students through confidential counseling and psychotherapy.

Student Support Services and Crisis Response Assistance

Dean of Students Office
Provides support services and manages situations that are impacting students and the campus community.

Safety & Security Resources

Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS)
Report Campus Climate Concerns

Legal/Conflict Resources

Student Legal Services (SLS)
Student Legal Services is a full-service law office available to currently enrolled students. They are in the process of expanding immigration legal services for students.

Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR)
OSCR offers a spectrum of conflict resolution pathways that are educationally focused, student-driven, community owned, and restorative in nature, which are adaptable to meet the needs of individuals experiencing conflict. 

Student Groups & Organizations

Center for Campus Involvement (CCI)
The Center for Campus Involvement (CCI) is the hub for student activities at the University of Michigan.

Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (MESA)
Using the lens of race and ethnicity, MESA engages the campus community and transforms the student experience to build inclusive spaces and equitable opportunities for all. MESA will serve as a hub of education and support for DACA and undocumented students.

Summer Travel Guidance

As members of the University of Michigan community prepare for summer international and domestic travel, the campus international centers, Office of the General Counsel, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Global Engagement and Interdisciplinary Academic Affairs have prepared this information guide to promote safe and efficient travel. 

Housing Assistance

Undergraduate Housing
Beyond the Diag : Off-campus housing resources
Graduate Housing
Family Housing

Financial Services

Office of Financial Aid


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