On-Campus Student Jobs

Two students seated at a welcome table assist a third student

Whether earning income to help pay for their education, augment campus living expenses, or gain new career skills, thousands of students work at the University of Michigan each year. And there are always more jobs to be filled. 


Where do U-M students work? 

Student employees are a critical part of the campus workforce. Like all university staff members, they contribute to the operations of offices and organizations, both on- and off-campus. They do their jobs alongside non-student staff—such as directing activities, focusing on daily details, answering telephones, greeting visitors, and processing data.

Employment opportunities for students vary. They range from teaching reading to a preschooler to working as a lab assistant, from participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program to working at one of the many University Library locations, from managing a residence hall café to officiating intramural sports games. 

Community service positions support literacy efforts, assist with teaching science and math concepts at the Hands-On Museum, work to end domestic violence, and collaborate with non-profits on numerous other community issues. 


Why do U-M students choose to work on-campus? 

Beyond income, student jobs provide learning experiences that develop specific skills, such as leadership, communication, analysis, and problem-solving. Many student jobs lead to future career opportunities. Student employees also can obtain a glimpse at careers they may never have considered as future personal options. 

Some students (and families) worry that part-time work will detract from time needed for academics and co-curricular activities. Yet student employees often tell us that having a part-time job actually hones their time-management skills and helps them better allocate time appropriately for study and relaxation. And because so many student jobs have flexible hours and locations across campus, there are many options to suit a student’s daily schedule and routine. 


How can a U-M student find an on-campus job? 

There are a few different ways students seeking employment can search for a job at the University of Michigan.