Student Voices on Campus: Join a Student Advisory Board!


True Leaders and Best constantly strive to be more engaged, more relevant, to push expectations and to continually raise the bar. If you’re a student searching for new ways to be active and create change, you’re on the right page. This is a directory of opportunities seeking you. A directory of administrators and key parts of our university seeking students to help us become a more impactful, relevant, and stronger institution. We seek to rise above and beyond student expectations, but we cannot do it without engaging you, the student.

This is your chance to champion your communities, to be a force for positive change in a place filled with history and the footprints of great leaders before you. You will learn the dynamics of large organizations, the finer points of leading, the value of civic engagement – and countless other skills that will aid your academics, your interpersonal interactions, and the career that awaits your hard work and dedication. You will not only meet the movers and shakers of our university and influence them with your voice. You will become them.

And it’ll look great on your resume. 


Career Center Student Advisory Board 

The Career Center Student Advisory Board (SAB) meets in person 3-4 times each semester and discusses current career-related issues, shares feedback on new and existing initiatives, and develops relationships between the The Career Center and students, helping to facilitate successful student engagement strategies.

Contact: Nate Hill


Center for Campus Involvement Advisory Board 

The Center for Campus Involvement Advisory Board assists the staff of the office by providing a student perspective of the current campus climate regarding the student experience. Meetings focus on learning, discussion, and collaboration about key student involvement issues raised by students to strengthen the work of the Center for Campus. 

Contact: Nick Smith or Karla Robinson  


Club Sports Council Executive Board 

The Club Sports Council provides avenues for Clubs to learn from each other, acts as a liaison between the Clubs and the Club Sports Program staff, and promotes the Club Sports program throughout the University. 

Contact: Lexi Chaput 


Counseling & Psychological Services Student Advisory Board 

The CAPS Student Advisory Board (CAPS SAB) is a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students who advise CAPS on matters of mental health outreach to all students, provides input on various agency decisions, and is involved in staff searches. 

Contact: Todd Sevig or Christine Asidao 


Dean of Students Student Advisory Board 

The Dean of Students Advisory Board provides advice on a wide variety of student issues impacting the health and wellbeing of students, campus climate, diversity, safety, student involvement, and other emergent aspects of Student Life. The Board’s recommendations influence Student Life work and allow the Dean of Students to be guided by a diverse array of student perspectives. 

Contact: Kerri Ferrari


Director of Housing Resident Advisory Board 

The Director of University Housing Advisory Board provides advice and input to the Director, sharing the resident perspective and encouraging discussion on new initiatives and emergent issues. The Board’s recommendations help to influence University Housing goals, services, and overall effectiveness. 

Contact: Steven Bodei 


Division of Public Safety and Security Student Advisory Board 

The Division of Public Safety & Security (DPSS) Student Advisory Board serves as a link between students and DPSS to facilitate and enhance communication between both parties. Student advisory board members provide input to the executive director of DPSS that identifies campus safety concerns while providing feedback to remedy those concerns. 

Contact: Bryan Baker 


Ginsberg Center Student Advisory Board 

The Ginsberg Center Student Advisory Board voices the needs, concerns, and ideas of the students as they relate to the mission and work of the Ginsberg Center and provides input to staff regarding programs, initiatives, and direction of the Center. Throughout their time on the Board, members remain active on campus, promote the ideals of the Ginsberg Center, and represent Ginsberg at the University and beyond.

Contact: Danyelle Reynolds 


International Center Student Council 

The International Center Student Council (ICSC) provides globally minded students with a forum to identify and examine issues affecting students. ICSC enables student engagement in the planning and implementation of program and initiatives, promotes active relationships between international and U.S. students, and represents the international student body on campus and in the community. 

Contact: Kelly Wagner


MESA Wisdom Group

MESA uses the lens of race and ethnicity to engage the campus community and transform the student experience to build inclusive spaces and equitable opportunities for all. Time spent in the Wisdom Group would be used purposefully to counsel the ways in which MESA interacts with the campus community. This includes providing feedback to our Director, Assistant Director, and Program Managers; advising MESA on current student or community issues; helping influence MESA’s objectives, and future programs on campus; and imposing challenges to make MESA better.

Contact: Saba Keramati 


Michigan Dining Food Advisory Committee 

The Michigan Dining Food Advisory Committee engages in discussion with the MDining lead team for enhancements to services and new program initiatives. Members work with the MDining Lead team to develop programs to educate the student body on trending food cultures, student food health, and student focused programs that provide an excellent customer service experience for the student guest.

Contact: Sheila Mueller 


Michigan League Board of Governors 

The mission of the Michigan League is to create a gracious and welcoming environment to support the educational, professional, cultural, service and social needs of the University community with a renewed focus on students. Members serve on at least one committee and participate in as many of the activities of the Board and the Friends as possible. 

Contact: Xavier Wilson 


Michigan Union Board of Representatives 

MUBR advises the Director of the Michigan Union and makes recommendations on awarding scholarships to student employees, Michigan Union Facilities planning, office space for student organizations, and purchasing art for the Union. Members work with faculty, staff, and alumni and gain practical experience in policy setting, public relations, and long-term planning.

Contact:  Amy White 


Pierpont Commons Board of Representatives 

The Pierpont Commons (TPC) is a University-operated student center for the primary purpose of enhancing the quality of campus life and enriching the specific goals of the TPC by providing efficient, convenient, ecologically conscious, aesthetically oriented facilities for social, cultural, intellectual, and recreational activities. The TPC is a mixture of students and staff that supports the development and education of student members by providing opportunities for learning leadership skills. 

Contact: Eric Heilmeier  


Services for Students with Disabilities Student Advisory Board 

The Services for Students with Disabilities Student Advisory Board provides advice and support in advancing the overall mission of SSD. It is open to any student registered with SSD, and applications are sent out annually to all students who have registered.

Contact: Stuart Segal


Spectrum Center Student Advocacy Board 

The Spectrum Center Advocacy Board serves as a space for students to address campus policies related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The Board examines the institutional climate for students, explores ways to enhance students' experience, and serves as an important resource to voice student concerns and ideas and to help guide the work of the Spectrum Center. 

Contact:  Will Sherry 


Student Conflict Resolution Advisory Board 

The Student Conflict Resolution Advisory Board provides advice and input to the Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR) and Housing Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (HSCR) staff members on a broad range of issues relating to student conflict and student conduct. The Board also provides students with a unique opportunity to develop educational outreach activities and learn the processes that OSCR & HSCR utilize in managing conflict.

Contact: Joe Zichi (OSCR) and Mallory Martin-Ferguson (Housing) 


University Health Service Student Health Advisory Council 

UHS Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) provides a student perspective to the Director of UHS, clinicians and other UHS staff, in order to advance the quality of health care and services provided for students, while educating students about UHS. Students engage on issues such as accessibility, on-call hours, range of services, sensitivity to issues of culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, student fees, quality and general satisfaction. 

Contact: Carol Tucker 


University Unions Marketing Advisory Committee 

The University Unions Student Marketing Advisory Committee meets on a regular basis to evaluate the current University Unions marketing campaign, improve communications of UU to students, consolidate feedback from other students regarding marketing UU, discuss new ideas for marketing UU, actively engage in UU social media, provide input on new brand campaigns, and assist with small marketing projects for UU. 

Contact: Laura Seagram


Vice President for Student Life Student Advisory Board 

The Student Advisory Board is composed of a diverse group of both undergraduate and graduate students, providing timely advice on pressing student issues to the Vice President for Student Life. Topics vary greatly, and additional individuals from across the University may be invited to present on emergent issues related to Student Life and receive feedback from members. The Board’s recommendations help to influence Student Life goals, services, and overall effectiveness.