Parents and Families

Royster Harper, VP for Student Life

Parents and families of the U-M community,

I hope your students are feeling settled and inspired as they enter into another cozy month of studying, working, gaining life skills alongside members of their clubs and organizations and making memories with friends.

Next will come spring break—which begins Saturday, March 2 and runs through Sunday, March 10 and can provide students with the space to reflect on the first few weeks of the semester. It’s also an opportune time to set goals for the remaining weeks; perhaps with a focus on building academically (e.g. scheduling office hours with professors), socially (e.g. developing skills for positive roommate interactions) and personally (e.g. learning to manage their busy schedules). I'm excited for your student to spend the break in whichever way makes the most sense for them and your family—be it relaxing, spending time with friends and loved ones, traveling, volunteering or working.

When students return to campus in March, my hope is that they’ll return rested and ready to thrive. We’ll be here to smooth the transition. In this newsletter, you’ll find several resources and helpful tips for your student—whether your student is preparing to graduate in the spring or will continue on with us next fall.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in this issue:

  • Sleep hacks to help your student develop healthy habits that they can carry with them throughout life.
  • An internship how-to along with information about MLEAD—the new resource that connects students to leadership development programs across campus, with opportunities offered for this spring and summer.
  • Is your student leaving Ann Arbor for the summer? See our guide to summer subleasing.

I hope you won’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions for how we can best support your student. Send me an email at


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