Parents and Families

Our Time with Your Student

With classes now in full swing and student groups holding their first meetings of the year, life for your student is thrilling—and busier than ever.

E. Royster Harper, VP for Student Life

Send a Quick Pick-me-up

As students begin to settle into the routine of classes, studying and making new friends, it’s a great time to send them a message that you’re thinking of them with an M Gift package. 

M Gift Bags

Our Time with Your Student

With a new school year just weeks away, you and your student must be preparing for changes ahead. We are excited to have your student with us.

E. Royster Harper, VP for Student Life

M Gift Packages Kick Off a New School Year

A new school year brings with it new opportunities, clean slates, and anticipation of fully enjoying the university experience. Help your student kick off the new year with a Welcome to Michigan gift package!

An M Gift package

Dates to Remember - August 2018

You may want to pencil in some of these important dates and upcoming events to help stay connected with your Wolverine while they're off to college. 

August 2018

Soothe Finals Stress or Celebrate Graduation with MGift Package

Whether your student is stressing over final exams, or celebrating the accomplishment of graduation, MGift Packages can ease the anxiety and add a special, virtual hug by delivering snacks, drinks, U-M merchandise, and the message that you’re thinking of them.

A Message from Royster Harper

It’s nearly time for "Spring Break": words that conjure up memories of college for many, and that is still very much true today. And yet what Spring Break means for this generation of students can often be quite different than a generation ago, and it tells you much about what our students value and need.

Royster Harper