Parents and Families

Our Time Together

As the Thanksgiving holiday comes near, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you what I am very thankful for... I’m thankful for you, and the ability to have served your family through your students’ university experience.

Royster Harper, VP for Student Life

Tell Your Student "Thinking of You..."

The newness is wearing off and students are settling into the routine of classes, studying and making new friends. What better time to send them a message that you’re thinking of them with an M Gift Package.  

An M Gift package

Our Time with Your Student

When we think about how quickly our children grow and move into adulthood, “time flies” is an understatement, isn’t it? We are already almost a month into the new school year. Does it seem like yesterday your student was moving into their new residence hall, house or apartment? 

Royster Harper, VP for Student Life

Dates to Remember - August 2019

You may want to note some of these important dates and upcoming events to help stay connected with your Wolverine while they're off to college.

August 2019

Soothe Finals Stress or Celebrate Graduation with M Gift Package

Whether your student is stressing over final exams, or celebrating the accomplishment of graduation, M Gift Packages can ease the anxiety and add a special, virtual hug by delivering snacks, drinks, U-M merchandise, and the message that you’re thinking of them.

Dates to Remember - April 2019

Final exams and the end of the school year are nearly here. These dates will help you plan for the end of the school year.

April 2019