Parents and Families

Rewarding Conversations

To continue your influence and support your student, be prepared to ask questions and respond with open and attentive ears.

A Michigan Family on Move-in day

Dates to Remember Summer 2015

Welcome to Michigan! Join us for our various welcome events in September and note upcoming academic and other deadlines.

Summer 2015

Your Family & Social Media

Now that the school year has started, what's the best way to communicate with your student? Many parents prefer phone and email, but is that how students want to communicate? Exploring a variety of communication options may increase your odds of finding the best solution for staying in touch.

Students taking photo in front of dorm

Dates to Remember Spring 2015

Spring is finally here! We've gathered a variety of events you'll want to add to your calendars to help you stay in touch and celebrate the end of the academic year.

Spring 2015 calendar graphic

Keep Them Fueled for Finals

One way families can help to keep students energized and focused is by surprising them with a care package delivery to their home on campus. 

Graduation cap cookies

Parent to Parent - Campus Jobs

Last edition we asked: Does your student have a job on campus? Why or why not? What do you see as the pros or cons of working during college? Read on to hear from other Michigan parents!

Parents posing with students

Dates to Remember Winter 2015

Spring break is nearly here! We hope your students take the opportunity to relax and rest up so they feel rejuvenated for the remainder of Winter term. Read on for some of the important dates ahead.

Winter 2015 calendar icon

Home for the Holiday

Some students will be returning home soon for the Thanksgiving break, and parents may be wondering what to expect. As students' independence and responsiblity increase, you may find some things will be different. 

student with parents