Year One Progress

Strengthen – Advocacy, Support & Education

We expanded access to advocacy and support for students affected by the current campus climate and invested in existing best practice programs.

Added 5 Staff Positions and 10 DE&I Student Intern positions to the Center for Campus Involvement, International Center, Office of Multi-Ethnic Affairs, the Program on Intergroup Relations and the Spectrum Center

We prepared an inventory of our advocacy, support and educational programs devoted to supporting students and improving campus climate.

Some of the key findings from the Inventory include:

  • Over 2,000 - Number of Advocacy related student contacts
  • Over 47,200 – Number of Educational Initiatives student contacts
  • Over 12,000 – Number of Transition Support student contacts
  • Over 31,200 – Number of “other initiatives” student contacts
  • Total of over 92,500 student contacts across 121 offerings devoted to Advocacy, Educational, Transition Support and related initiatives.

We increased the capacity of educational programs for students.

During Year One, Student Life focused on developing a Health and Wellness team to explore research, benchmark and inventory current offerings. During Year One, Student Life embedded student support throughout our current units and work teams. In order to reach students in their spaces, we took time to better understand student needs and have responded with programs focused on the wellness of our students as individuals and as members of communities. 

We prepared an inventory and assessed existing FYE retention curricula and co-curricular programming.


  • The data gathered in this assessment effort revealed:
  • 47 annual programs and services for first-year students
  • 14 Student Life units contribute to first-year student programming
  • 15 include peer facilitation or peer support
  • 35 currently collect assessment data
  • 7,000 student contacts made through first-year offerings over the past year

We narrowed our program aspirations to provide a specific direction for and focus on the future of FYE work


  • Developed framework to include four aspirations for students:
  • Journey toward your academic and personal goals
  • Discover ways you can unlock campus resources and opportunities
  • Connect with others and make new friends in your community
  • Thrive, de-stress, and be your healthiest self

Completed an Inventory of Student Life School and College Partnerships


  • Assessment data provided initial accounting of Student Life units with DEI-related relationships and partnerships with schools and colleges
  • Developed revised objectives and action items to align with new DEI context

Strengthen – The Trotter Multicultural Center

We engaged multiple community conversations focused on the building process, site plans and answering questions


  • Obtained Board of Regents approval for schematic design
  • Launched site preparation
  • Obtained Board of Regents approval for authorization to issue bids and award construction contracts

Innovate – To Develop More Global and Inclusive Student Mindsets

We developed the groundwork for the Intercultural Development Inventory Pilot program for students.


  • Trained existing staff and hired new staff members to implement the IDI pilot


We provided the opportunity for 250 students (16 different cohorts) to participate in the IDI pilot (first of three planned pilots over the next three years) (Each participant completed five educational phases)


  • 49% of respondents “agree”/“strongly agree” that they were excited to participate in the IDI
  • 53% of respondents “agree”/“strongly agree” that they considered things that they do not usually think about during the IDI pilot
  • 75% were interested in continuing participation in IDI

We engaged student and staff voices in assessing the IDI pilot (16 student focus groups and feedback sessions with all staff involved with pilot)


  • 15/16 groups identified QA coaching sessions as the most valuable IDI component
  • 72% of survey participants identified IDI QA sessions as something that went well
  • During focus groups, students indicated that learning occurred at multiple points throughout the IDI process. This learning centered on:
    • becoming more self-aware (14 of 16 groups);
    • being motivated to grow and/or learn (8 groups); and
    • understanding the importance and impact of the difference between their perceived and developmental orientation (7 groups)

We initiated development of a Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Center.

Advocated for the Center to expand on existing Student Life programs such as:

  • Student Life’s Intercultural Development Inventory Pilot Initiative
  • The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) (Social Justice Education Program)
  • The Office of Student Conflict Resolution (Restorative Practices and Social Justice Mediation),
  • The Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (Education & Engagement Programs through the Lens of Race and Ethnicity)
  • Ginsberg Center (Community Partnerships, Social Justice Education & Service Experiences),
  • Trotter Multicultural Center (Multicultural Educational Services and Leadership Programming)

ASSESS – To Improve Impact

We hired and on boarded an Assessment Lead and Project Manager.


  • Led assessment of the first year of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) pilot by leading implementation of feedback sessions with students and staff/QAs in addition to an online survey for students
  • Analyzed resulting data and created an initial report for the IDI Strategic Team’s use
  • Conducted an online and face-to-face inventory of Student Life units to:
    1. Categorize Student Life offerings based on the offering’s intent;
    2. Identify current state of participation and satisfaction data collection; and
    3. Identify where school college partnerships exist
  • Served as a consultant to Student Life Human Resources on survey design to assess pilot search training program
  • Created an Assessment Design for Student Life-wide assessment of core student learning outcomes to launch in Fall 2017

We increased research, evaluation and assessment professional development education and training opportunities for Student Life units.


  • Hosted the 14th Annual Student Life Research Symposium –  entitled "Gather, Reflect, Share: Demonstrating Impact in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work” – devoted entirely to assessment of DE&I strategic efforts.
  • Sponsored keynote speaker to provide a national perspective on DE&I assessment
  • Presented panel discussion on progress of Student Life’s DE&I plan
  • Provided sessions aimed at building participants’ ability to gather, report, and utilize data.
  • 188 people attended the symposium, approximately 75% of the participants were from Student Life
  • 89 participants completed a survey evaluating the Symposium
  • Overall, 75% of survey respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with the content of the Symposium

ENHANCE – Staff Skills, Awareness, Practices and Protocols

We added diversity, equity and inclusion expectations and competencies to training, evaluation and appraisals.


  • Developed FY18 Revised Performance Assessment Model to align with diversity, equity and inclusion expectations and competencies
  • Engaged 150 staff with survey and 65 additional staff for focus group (84% favor new process)
  • Explored best practice tools (with an internal and external vendor assessment)

We improved diversity, equity and inclusion staff development.


  • Established Eight (8) Staff Learning Outcomes in alignment with national standards and competencies
  • Developed standardized assessment tools
  • Completed inventory and implemented post-training evaluations for existing programs
  • Engaged all staff with all-unit survey
  • Identified 21 existing one-time trainings and 3 module trainings (more than one instance)

We expanded Unconscious Bias Training.


  • 15% of all SL staff trained in Unconscious Bias (170)
  • 87% indicate that the content was valuable learning for them
  • 92% indicate they better understand how bias can influence decision-making
  • Nine (9) Student Life certified trainers
  • Conducted training sessions for units and training sessions continue

We developed a Shared Hiring Philosophy.

Created a Shared Hiring Philosophy for creating an inclusive selection and hiring process throughout the division to ensure candidates feel valued and have an equitable experience.

We developed training for our Search Committees.


  • Developed and implemented search training for all search committee members to include the SL Shared Hiring Philosophy, Unconscious Bias (UB), and competency-based interviewing practices. 
  • Piloted search training to 80 staff with 82% affirming value as foundation for improved diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring.

We improved our interviewing practices.


  • Explored and identified online systems and software for encouraging best practices

We invested in developing a more diverse student workforce.


  • Collected and evaluated student employment data (surveying all units)
  • Developed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Student Internship Pilot Program for FY18

We developed more equitable & consistent onboarding.


  • Created best practice onboarding tools and checklists
  • Implemented New Hire Onboarding Toolkit in Fall 2016
  • Conducted 5+ training sessions to introduce onboarding tools
  • Introduced HR 1:1 with new professional staff members in FY17 and completed 20+ meetings in Year One.

We evaluated and assessed new staff resources, training, orientation and programs to align with diversity, equity and inclusion best practices.

Completed assessment of New Staff Orientation.

ENGAGE – Student Voices

We developed an Undergraduate and Graduate/Professional DE&I Student Advisory Board to enlist student perspectives on DE&I plan implementation and assessment efforts.


  • Built Boards that represented all 19 schools and colleges and a wide range of social identities and intersections of identities
  • DEI SABs spent time with Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leaders Rob Sellers and Katrina Wade-Golden, and with Kedra Ishop and Erica Sanders to gain understanding about the overall DEI Strategic Plan, U-M’s enrollment history and the importance of pipeline programs for recruitment of diverse students
  • Introduced DEI SAB members to all school and college DEI Unit Leads to facilitate collaboration and engagement with the DEI SABs in their respective unit-specific DEI work.

We on-boarded 26 student members for the Undergraduate DEI SAB and 25 student members for the Graduate/Professional DEI SAB  


  • Developed and delivered an opening retreat for both Boards
  • Hosted a reception with President Schlissel for both Boards
  • Hosted and facilitated six monthly meetings for the Undergraduate DEI SAB and six monthly meetings for the Graduate/Professional DEI SAB throughout the Winter Semester

We used existing infrastructure to encourage student voices in the Plan.


  • Launched development of resources to assist units across campus in developing new and using existing infrastructure to facilitate student input 
  • Assisted interested units with improving and developing input structures, as needed
  • Developed a website toolkit
  • Engaged 11 Student Life advisory boards
  • Initiated outreach to all 19 schools and colleges
  • Consulted with 2 units on establishing unit-specific student advisory boards (Ross and Rackham)

We assisted students in advocating for necessary refinement and realignment during the first year of plan implementation.


  • Engaged regularly with representatives from the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and academic units to inform concerns and considerations arising in association with implementation
  • Provided significant input to inform the Student Life IDI Pilot effort by participating as cohorts in the pilot
  • Provided individual and group feedback through a series of sessions with the IDI assessment team and with the Vice President for Student Life