Student Life

2020 & 2021 Campus Memorial

June 30, 2021

Thank you for joining us to honor those students who passed away between July 2019 through March 2021. We want to recognize that this has been a challenging and difficult time in so many ways. Due to the pandemic, this is our first virtual memorial — and as a campus community, we continue to believe in the tradition of collectively honoring the lives of our Michigan students who are no longer with us. While all of these students have been remembered on and off campus in a variety of ways, this collection of videos is a way for the entire Michigan community to come together in remembrance of our students.

The cube

Expectations for Staying Safe and Healthy in Winter 2021

Published January 13, 2021

Dear U-M undergraduate students,

We are excited to welcome you back after the break - whether you’ll be participating this winter term on campus or from afar. As you plan your return to campus or Ann Arbor for another academic term, there are several public health best practices and university expectations to make you aware of for a safe and healthy term.

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Expiration of Stay In Place Order & Next Steps

November 3, 2020

Dear U-M Student,

First, thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep you and your fellow Wolverines safe and healthy.

In the past two weeks since the Washtenaw County Health Department’s “Stay In Place” order for undergraduate students was implemented, we have seen evidence that the spread of COVID-19 and the number of cases among U-M students has declined significantly, especially for on-campus locations. For example prior to the Stay In Place order, more than 60% of Washtenaw County cases were associated with U-M students, and now U-M student cases represent about a third of local COVID-19 cases at 33%.

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