Parents and Families

Comfort Food for the Holiday

Residential Dining Services prepares thousands of recipes throughout the year, including traditional American fare, dishes from regions around the world, vegetarian selections, fresh baked pizzas, breads and desserts, soups and sushi… the offerings go on and on.


New Ombuds Welcomes Chance to Hear Concerns

The University of Michigan gained a new Ombuds this year, and no, that’s not an acronym!  “Ombudsman” is an old Scandinavian term for an independent official who hears concerns and works for fair solutions.

Student Perspective: Evan Malinowski, Student Manager, Residential Dining Services

When I came to the University of Michigan and started looking for a part-time job, I wasn’t expecting too much from it. I thought it would just take up some time and put a little money in my pocket. But after three years of working at the Hill Dining Center Marketplace, I can say I’ve learned a lot from my experiences as a Student Manager there.

A Moving Experience

The annual convergence of students and parents into Ann Arbor is a great migration, but you won’t see Move-In featured in Smithsonian Magazine.  For years, the scale of it all has been tamed by tremendous logistical coordination among University and Ann Arbor offices.  Well, nearly tamed.  There are still the tearful hugs and handshakes as parents and students part.  (Note: bring tissues.)

Reflections on Service and Learning at U-M

I came to the University of Michigan eager to learn and find new experiences. In high school, I was active in community service, but I wanted something more, something different.