Parents and Families

A COVID Update

Dear Parents and Families,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the University of Michigan is committed to keeping you and your student up to date on current protocols, procedures and opportunities to make an education at U-M a safe, positive experience. Earlier today, your student received this emailed update announcement from U-M President Mark S. Schlissel. 

To stay up to date throughout the week, you may also view the Campus Maize and Blueprint site.  

Finding Community, Things to Do...

How does your student get involved in a true college experience, and yet stay within safety and social distancing guidelines? Meeting people, participating in Student Orgs, volunteering, and just getting involved is so essential to the campus equation. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic, and its social distancing guidelines, has made making those connections a challenge for students. Student Life's Finding Community website and Things to Do emails can help.


FYE Meet Ups 

Let your student know that First Year Experience (FYE)'s Community Meet Ups have begun! Community Meet Ups are a space for students of all years to gather around shared interests. From gatherings for knitters to horror movie lovers, there is a Community Meet Up for everyone. 

Meet Up

Students make their sustainability mark 

Is your student environmentally minded? The UM Sustainable Food Program (UMSFP) works to empower students like yours by getting involved in sustainable food programs, and becoming change agents for a vibrant planet. 

Rooting for Change

Do you know about Adaptive Sports and Fitness?

‘Get out and get moving’ is not always as simple as it sounds. Physical fitness -- vital for your student’s health and wellness -- can be a challenge for individuals with mobility impairments. The Adaptive Sports and Fitness program at the University of Michigan is working to make sure all students have opportunities for participation -- whether the student is an advanced athlete or just wants to have fun. 

Adaptive Sports

Wellness breaks and travel tips

University of Michigan students will have two Wellness Breaks from classes this term -- a one-day break on February 24 and a second one-day break on March 23. No spring break is planned for this semester in an effort to reduce the amount of back-and-forth travel during the semester. For students who do need to travel, several campus resources explain travel tips, restrictions and protocols in detail.


Important dates to remember 

Seems like the Winter semester just started, but your student is almost half way through. From Well-Being Breaks to Study Days to Commencement, it’s a good time to note some important dates remaining in the semester. 


A COVID Update

Dear Parents and Families,

In our ongoing effort to keep you, your student and our campus community informed as we navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, your student received this emailed update announcement from University of Michigan President Mark S. Schlissel earlier today.

The email includes specifics about current protocols, health and safety measures, and the stay-in-place recommendation. Earlier this week, your student also received details regarding the Ann Arbor campus’s virtual Spring Commencement in May. 

To stay up-to-date throughout the week, you may also view the Campus Maize and Blueprint site.

Reminder: Theme Community deadlines

Next year your student has the opportunity to enhance their college experience by living within one of the many Theme Communities offered via Michigan Housing. As part of the University’s Living-Learning programs, theme communities are an opportunity to explore and experience college life with other students who share your students’ interests. Some communities encompass a floor, some encompass an entire hall, but all of them will help your student connect with peers, mentors and campus resources.

Applications for the Theme Community experience are open until May 5.