Parents and Families

Our Time with Your Student

As you can imagine, the president of a world-class teaching and research university such as U-M bears great responsibilities, leading and advancing the institution in its mission of excellence for students, faculty, researchers, and staff.

E. Royster Harper

Care Packages Help you Stay Connected

The Winter season is a great time to show your student you’re thinking of them and to stay connected with a care package! Through the University Unions’ care package website  you can easily send balloons, a snack bag or another edible gift directly to your student’s residence hall or apartment. The web site features a wide variety of balloons and snack bags, as well as new offerings that include block M-shaped cookies, healthy snack bags, fresh fruit and an any-occasion celebration cake made locally.

Heart-shaped sugar cookies

Maximizing Your Tuition Dollars!

Did you know that U-M has raised over $1.7 billion in donor gifts in the past two years? Gifts to Student Life make a significant impact on our ability to provide a stellar Michigan experience while also containing costs for students and families.

Victors for Michigan

Show Your Support From Afar

Study days and finals are just ahead for your student and whether they are in their first year or have a couple college years behind them, it can be a time of stress.  One way you can show your support and love from afar is by using the University Unions’ care package service. Ordering is easy at where you can choose from a wide selection of balloons, snack bags, cookies and other edible gifts, and have it delivered directly to your student’s residence hall or apartment.


Our Time with Your Student

Because learning and growth occurs in and out of the classroom, our role is to support your student’s development and well-being – academically, socially and personally.

E. Royster Harper

Help for Students with Conflicts

How do you deal with conflict?  How does your student?  Read on for resources to help you help your student with all sorts of conflicts – from roommates to student organizations and beyond.