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Moving out tips

The time of year has come where everyone is in a hurry (or dreading) to move out.  The boxes are packed and suitcases are ready to go – but how does this process work?  Luckily, University Housing has provided guidelines for moving out of the dorms!  Residence halls and Northwood Apartments Move-Out must be completed by Friday, May 3, so make sure to plan ahead if you will be moving out during the last week of finals.  If you live an apartment and your lease is up or you found a subletter and need to move, these tips apply to you

Moving boxes

Students of the Year 2012 to 2013 - The Michigan Daily

There are about 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the University this semester, according to the University’s Office of the Registrar. That’s 40,000 students with leadership roles, academic excellence, athletic achievements and more. When our staff sat down last month to pick 11 students to highlight as the “Students of the Year” — it wasn’t easy. So we sent out a survey to hear from you. We wanted to know: Who are the people you see excelling in student groups and on the stage?

Denard Robinson

April is MHappy Month at Michigan

MHappy Month is a celebration of the new ideas, events and paradigms that move us towards a future where wellbeing of both the planet and its citizens are realized. Many campus events tend to focus on problems—the War in Vietnam, global warming, for example. Too much bad news leaves many of us immobilized and unable to act effectively. While we will absolutely fight to overcome the injustices and prejudice in our communities, we also need a vision of the future that sustains us.

What makes YOU happy?

A debatable future

He looks at his laptop, takes a deep breath and starts his timer.

Allen begins speaking at a furious rate, his manner completely changed: He’s intense and stressed. Some words are heard —"anthropological," "economy," "prices,"— but his diction is so fast that his sentences are literally incomprehensible to the average ears. His head shakes back and forth as his eyes move across the laptop screen. He takes only ragged, gasping breaths. Everyone else frantically takes notes, straining to hear every word. For the next nine minutes he continues like this until four timers go off within milliseconds of each other. He stops....